Guided city tours in english in Kristianstad and Åhus. Booked directly thorugh me. Price 120 SKR per person, discount at 25% over 10 persons.

* Kristianstad in 30 minutes, from Grand Square to Little Square.

* The military history of Kristianstad. The age as fortress 1614-1857 and onwards to the end as garrison in 2000.

* Jubileewalk 1614-2014, the four centuries of Kristianstad in 90 minutes.

* Kristianstad from above,  a walk along the rooftops via the new galleria on too the café at the local Filmmuseum.

* Trails of the past, learn the hidden details of history inside the Kristianstad town centre.

* Åhus and the Sea, the maritime history of Åhus during the Middle Ages up untill the time as export-centre for eel, tobacco and spirits.

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